Here’s How to Improve Your BIPOC Messaging

This article was originally published on FRACTL’s blog. Improving your Black, Indigenous, and People-of-Color (BIPOC) messaging and visuals in marketing to reach more diverse audiences means putting more intention in your strategy. via GIPHY It was great chatting with KRYSTAL GLASS, co-founder of BLACK CREATIVE GROUP, about all things inclusivity in marketing. Krystal breaks down the most […]

BCG Leverages PR for Legislative Action

Nearly half of Black-owned businesses endured a pandemic-induced business loss, yet there was little to no media coverage of this statistic. Tune in to hear how Black Creative Group leveraged the media’s voice and PR to influence legislators to action.

Black Men in Creative Leadership

The title Creative Director is one of the most desired roles among young professionals around the world. As retailers, nonprofits, and tech firms continue to realize the value of the Black dollar, Black professionals are stepping up to the plate to chart the course for brands new and old. On February 25, 2021, our very […]

How Marketers Can Make Our Industry More Inclusive

This article was originally published on FRACTL’s blog. No gif this week, folks. Instead, I’m sharing a graphic I found extremely helpful for contextualizing the quest to be anti-racist. This episode of the show is different in that it doesn’t cover marketing tactics; it tackles the systemic racism present in our industry and how each […]

Advertising, PR Experts Offer Their Picks for a New Washington NFL Team Name

This article was originally published in Washington Business Journal. The day that many in Greater Washington thought would never come — when NFL franchise owner Dan Snyder announced he is changing the local team’s long-derided name — is here. Since the team said July 3 it was undertaking a review of the name, many suggestions have […]

How to (and not to) Address Racism and Covid-19 as a Brand

This article was originally published in Washington Business Journal. Brands have struggled to stay relevant and corporate leaders have grown uneasy staying on the sidelines, as the headlines of the day pull everyone’s attention in a multitude of directions. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic’s toll and the worldwide protests against police brutality and systemic […]