Here’s How to Improve Your BIPOC Messaging

Written by: Krystal Glass
Written by: Krystal Glass

Co-Founder & PR & Messaging Strategist

This article was originally published on FRACTL’s blog.

Improving your Black, Indigenous, and People-of-Color (BIPOC) messaging and visuals in marketing to reach more diverse audiences means putting more intention in your strategy.

It was great chatting with KRYSTAL GLASS, co-founder of BLACK CREATIVE GROUP, about all things inclusivity in marketing. Krystal breaks down the most important ways an organization can improve their diversity and representation, what marketing situations call for inclusivity over exclusivity, the reasons that understanding the “why” is most important, and much more. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to audit your messaging and visuals to know where improvement is necessary

  • How to embed representation and inclusivity into your content

  • How to utilize social listening to gain a better understanding of your audience

  • How to better understand why diversity and representation matters in marketing

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Krystal Glass

Krystal Glass

Krystal helps clients achieve concrete results through effective brand storytelling and PR exposure. With more than 11 years of experience creating marketing and messaging strategies, Krystal Glass has a track record of helping clients hone their message and resonate with their target audience.

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